European Tour Kicks off

Traveling with my old mates Nigel and Reggie (Regnard, don’t ask me what planet his folks are from) have been me sound, rowdies, ass-pains for quite a while but I would not trade’em for anything more than a shilling or two on me worst day…. Of course, being on the road means drinking! Not ordinary drinking but professional drinking, from those who have held down a toilet seat to keep it from floating away. We’ve always believed it should be taught at the university level and various degrees and doctorial diploma’s and perhaps a knighthood for degrease of ingested libation.

Romania is the first stop on the old calendar, the only place on earth where real vampires exists and believe me we have been doing some research into this as we go into harm’s way. However, we are quite confused, Nigel says, Dracula’s are the chaps we be daring the darken corridor’s with. Reggie says it’ll be ones that shine like diamonds in the light. I myself can’t wait to meet Sookie Stackhouse and her vamp friends…

We’ll we are off for my libation and merry making as tour begins… Leave you to enjoy a track!

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