The Black Flagon

Open the tour at the Black Flagon in Romania! Had an opening act was bouncing all over the stage and about half our age, singing in the local dialect. I understood a few words like “yeah” and “woo” but other than was completely lost. Strategically, I ducked out for about half an hour after they were done opening. Give the locals sometime to mellow out a bit and lift additional beverage or two… Anyway, I as well tugged down a few 32ozers while waiting and then headed back with an excuse about a leotard mishap. Reg and Nigel had me all hooked up and now the settled crowed could enjoy me laid back Island music…. By the time I was half way through they may as well been drinking out of coconuts with miniature umbrella’s and by the end of the night the highly intoxicated crowd gave me a nice send off with cheer… We hung around bit, if you call 5 hours a bit… Very colorful locals with all types of stories if you could get through the thick ascents. No one knew a bloody vampire though, however, Bogin swears his milkmaid sister’s husband has suspiciously pointy teeth if you could get him to open his mouth for a good look. Aldo once got a fishing hook (treble hook) caught on his neck; two bloody dots and told everyone he was bitten by a vampire, blaming his next door neighbor for a grave sleeper… Turns out the fellow next door owed him money and wasn’t sparkling like diamonds or burning up when the cops talked to him in the light of day which caused Aldo to be severely beaten…. Ah, he was laughing about it now… Much of the night passed on more worldly subjects like wife swapping and if I’d ever seen a real hillbilly… Looks like Rag and Nigel have passed out, got another show today… Sweet dreams little hobbits…

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